Things in between that we don't...

Video 4'38''

"...This idea of relational self is present in the works of Pavle Banović. In video on the exhibition through a diary-style approach, they accentuate the intimate and emotional essence of artwork, making the narrative relatable and easy to empathize with. Thus the woks makes us more open to understanding and identifying with others, and also more open for any kind of transgression. It can be poetically illustrated with a quote od Rosi Braidotti: “It is a constant challenge for us to rise to the occasion, to catch the wave of lifes intensities and ride on it, exposing the boundaries or limits as we transgress them”. In their work, Banović discovers the relationship between the individual and ideologies and how these two can destabilize each other. They pose a question - how do authentic life experiences and narrations oppose dominant structures of power? And give an answer in form of empathy, relationalism, and exsistance in the movement. Again, form of a monism, but this time in a Heracletean way. Identities disolve in the movement, we identify by experience and not a label, by thoughts and feelings, frangments of structures, and not an undivided whole and fixed markers." 
- Ana Simona Zelenović