Cutout Identities

video 8'06''

The title of the work comes from the term (cutout people) used in graphic design and applied arts in general for generic human figures cut so that they can be placed in any environment to humanize the space being designed, in addition, the term is used and for life-size printed figures of people used for marketing purposes. 

The work deals with the connection between the socioeconomic system and the issue of free will, authenticity of identity and quality of life. What are our desires, how do they condition us and how do they subordinate the individual to the ruling systems? 

Also, the work examines which identities are desirable within such a system, which It perpetuates, maintains, how identity actually becomes a tool for the accumulation of capital and thus shapes us for these purposes. It consists of a series of comic stories that follow interactions between the narrator and the fictional subjects of the advertising materials of human figures