We all p(r)ay for the internet

Pavle Banović, Vanja Žunić

The work is conceived as an audio-visual dialogue between two artists. In the text, which forms the key basis of this work, there is an exchange of impressions between two young artists created through the perception of a new kind of environment. By mapping and deciphering occurrences, phenomena, values through the visual language of the Internet, we try to become aware of the moments we experience in a new light. How do these phenomena affect our attitude towards the future, the revolution, the Internet, conversation, interpersonal relationships? Exploring current attitudes towards the modern world leads to hidden feelings of optimism or helplessness, which arose as another kind of polarity in society. By examining the symptoms caused by global contemporary problems and side effects, anxiety and quality of life, we seek to start a conversation in common language about the ways in which we have privatized the stress whose consequences we all actually feel.