Moving Spaces


Moving spaces is a diary consists of visual and textual materials. It deals with the subjects that are connected to moving to a dierent space, country, through my own experiences. The pictures are of certain situations, or objects that are connected to them, while the text serves as a further explanation of the situation, or is a poetic thought linked to it. The question that I try to raise in this work is what happens to ones Identity, Privacy, Social and Personal life, when they change their enviroment?

 "The artist’s book Moving spaces brings the author's photographs with written texts. The photos equally treat small, acciden tal and insigni cant details of everyday life, as well as semantically suggestive shots where we see a passport, photos for an identity document and paper with a queue number in the sector for administrative internal aairs (Ljubljana Administrative Unit). The documentation of everyday life records various mental states, situations and thoughts that the author experiences intimately, and at the same time connects them to broader social issues. "
-Nina Skumavc, P74 Gallery