Pavle Banović, Sofija Buzadžić

video 7’18’’
The collaboration between the artist and the art historian, ahead of this year's exhibition as part of the project Inter/Akcija was realized through the creation of this piece, which also serves as a continuation of the artist Pavle Banović’s research. Freeze body, freeze, as its predecessors, dives deep into the questions regarding the position of individuals within the era of technology. Nathan Jurgensons thesis (The social photo), whose quote can be heard in the video, somewhat served as the starting point of this work. What does a person actually do when they take a photo of them self? What does a pose, one's frozen body in a photo, represent? In what quantity are we actually aware of cameras and the tracking of our movement? How do dance, improvisation and free movement fit into the new reality, as means of the search for freedom?